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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dr Fernando Alvarez uses mediation to help you relax during the procedure that Dr Alvarez will perform on you. The Dr and his experienced staff will answer any question you might have regarding this procedure.






Relax During Your Dental Treatment

Sedation dentistry enables you to experience a comfortable and relaxing dental treatment. Your options for sedation help eliminate any dental anxiety during your dental procedures.

Mild sedation for a relaxing treatment

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) delivers a mild sedation during your procedure. This common option is odorless and delivers a feeling of calmness during your dental treatment.

Full sedation to eliminate your dental anxiety

Your Palm Beach Gardens dentist can prescribe you an oral sedation option prior to your dental procedure. This method is stronger than mild sedation with nitrous oxide.


You will be comfortable with reduced anxiety during your procedure. It might be necessary for you to arrange for transportation following your treatment when using oral sedation.

Sedation for high dental anxiety

Nitrous oxide and oral sedation can be combined if you anticipate higher levels of anxiety during your dental procedure. Your dentist will prescribe an oral sedative for you to take prior to your treatment.


You will be made comfortable with nitrous oxide prior to your procedure. It is necessary for you to arrange for transportation following these combined sedation options.



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